Holiday 2020 Shipping Updates

Domestic & International Shipping

As of 12/16/2020 Lycette cannot guarantee any delivery dates. Shipping dates advertised in checkout are only estimates provided through the USPS system. For a current status of their advertised delays, please visit
While we aren't able to control shipping speeds, we will continue to guarantee all orders will be shipped in a timely manner. This means orders will be in the hands of the USPS within three (3) business days and within one (1) business day for Priority Mail Express orders.


Shipping Delays

If you have received a tracking number and it appears to be "stuck" or has a status of "Arriving Late" in the USPS system, please rest assured that your package is not lost. Packages in the USPS system can miss a scan or be held in a distribution center temporarily. The best thing to do in this case is complete steps 2 & 3 here. We would love to help you get your package sooner, and this will be the first request we make to help better track your package.