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Letters from Lycette

An Evening at Beacon Hill Books & Cafe

An Evening at Beacon Hill Books & Cafe

Last week a group of 21 women met at Beacon Hill Books & Cafe to celebrate the launch of Lycette's new CeCe Stitches collection. Introductions were made, Prosecco was sipped, and caviar was had in their charming topiary courtyard. Afterwards we made our way to the second floor. A table was set amongst bookshelves lined with beloved tales and a three course dinner was served. Laughter and stories echoed throughout the bookstore all evening. The night was a true reflection of Lycette's values of grace, community, creativity, and connection. It was a marvelous way to celebrate CeCe Stitches. PS CeCe Stitches launches tomorrow (04/21) at 10 AM EST on


Apr 20, 2023

Pure perfection. The courtyard, the food, the tablescape. And the dresses! Please think about posting information about the fashion, yours, Betty’s and your guest-of-honor’s dresses! How happy am I to live outside of Boston. Beacon Hill Books & Cafe is on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing. —

Carol Sander

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