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Letters from Lycette

Lycette's Furry Friends

Lycette's Furry Friends

Lycette loves pups. Furry friends are always welcome at both Lycette Newport & Lycette Palm Beach. In fact, you are encouraged to bring them! Below are Mr. Needlepoint's, mine, and Mama Lycette's a few others! I hope you enjoy learning more about these little devils! 


The prince of Palm Beach, the king of our house. This 11 pound ball of sass rules the roost wherever he is. Says he hates baths, but prances around after. Enjoys full body massages, a new bandana, and snacking on snow peas. Dislikes sharing the spotlight and fireworks. Is particularly gifted at taking up more than half the bed. 


Miss Congeniality. This gorgeous lab and retriever mix adores swimming pools and sun tanning. She is our resident shop dog who loves snuggling on the periwinkle couches. Enjoys eating sand and playing fetch. Dislikes when older brother Oreo grabs her cheek and pulls her around. Is not aware of her size and acts like she is a little pup. Beware of her tail, was last seen smacking over Mama's coffee cup. 


Rusty is Mama Lycette's beloved goldendoodle. He is the sweetest, most bashful Eeyore. Gladly takes time outs for the team (aka when Oreo misbehaves), and has the longest red eyelashes. Loves swiping food off the counter and hiding under ottomans. Dislikes the pool and being told no kisses. Is scared of his own shadow. Is very gifted at jumping and pouncing. 


Teak was our surrogate pup in Newport! He was Miss B's nephew. Teak loved long walks, hopping in the yard, playing fetch in the house, and watching the neighborhood comings & goings from his perch on the stairs. He loved being with his Mama and Dad and is missed by all. You will forever be our Newport shop dog, Teak!  

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