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On Point- Amy Stone

On Point- Amy Stone

I am thrilled to announce the relaunch of Lycette's "On Point" blog series. When I founded Lycette five years ago it was important that I highlight the stories of fellow needlepointers who inspired me and the needlepoint community.  Thus, "On Point" was born. At the time it was called "Women on Point" until the cheeky Rudy the Prep broke the glass ceiling and was Lycette's first "Man on Point." Five years ago we highlighted expert needlepointers and needlepoint designers, but with age and experience comes wisdom. Yes, it is great to see what accomplished needlepointers create but do you know what's even better? Celebrating and empowering ALL needlepointers! No matter the gender or experience level. I am thrilled to welcome you to our new "On Point" series and even more tickled to introduce our first featured needlepointer, Amy Stone.   

I first learned of Amy when I was in college. I believe I found her through the now retired "Matchbook Mag." Her Instagram featured the aesthetics of my dreams- chic and clean with doses of old school glamour. Last year Amy reached out wanting to learn to needlepoint. I squealed when I opened the e-mail. It's true, ask Mr. Needlepoint. When she isn't working with enviable brands she can be found perfecting an at home latte or needlepointing canvases reminiscent of ACK summers, naturally.  Amy was raised on the East Coast, but has spent the last ten years in NYC. 



When did you first learn to NDLPT and who taught you how to NDLPT?   

I was first introduced to needlepoint during childhood -- my grandmother had a few pieces of her mother-in-law’s needlework framed and placed around the house that I took notice of. While I didn’t take up the craft at the time, I held an admiration for the artistry and finished product. After college, on trips to Nantucket with a close friend of mine, needlepoint resurfaced onto my radar. My friend’s grandmother is a skilled needleworker and I admired her pieces that graced their local chapel on the island. But still, I didn’t try to learn and thought I wouldn’t be a natural at it!

It wasn’t until I started following Lycette’s Instagram more closely last year that I was driven to take the plunge and figure needlepoint out once and for all. I was quite lost at first, but determined -- especially since so many friends were seemingly picking up the hobby, too. After receiving the beautiful I Would Prefer Not To canvas from Lycette, I tackled it by simply watching tutorials on YouTube (over and over...and over)! I was instantly hooked and haven’t stopped since. 

Who or what inspires you when it comes to NDLPT?  

I’m inspired by the many talented artists, shop owners, designers, and stitchers that make up the needlepoint community. I love seeing how different people interpret the same canvas design with their choice of colors and finishing ideas. The ideas are endless.  

What does living with intention mean to you?  

Appreciating the present and practicing gratitude every day.  

I absolutely adore your aesthetic, what words would you use to describe it? 

Thank you! I’m drawn to many different sensibilities which I think is important for staying constantly inspired. I suppose I would define my aesthetic and taste as modern uptown bohemia to capture my love for traditional style and all things rattan and wicker while also appreciating clean and refined design.  

How do you apply those same words to NDLPT? 

I aim to stitch designs that fit my taste and will add a layer of personality and uniqueness to a room -- I’m also constantly on the hunt for motifs that speak to my interests (coastal destinations, for instance). I usually stick to a tight color palette (pretty blues, pale purples, navy, and neutrals) so that all of my work feels cohesive. 

What project are you currently working on? What has been your favorite project to date? 

During quarantine, I’ve managed to finish a handful of Christmas ornaments so now I’m onto working through my larger, 13 mesh canvas stash that I have yet to make a significant dent in.

My favorite project would have to be the series of Nantucket lightship basket designs by Melinda B. McAra that I’ve collected. They just speak to me! I’ve tried to personalize each one by adding a colorful background, my initials, and more. I’d love to eventually complete every single basket design from her line.  

Netflix & Needlepoint or Netflix & Audiobooks? 

Both! I actually love stitching while talking on the phone with my family or a friend, but I also enjoy listening to a podcast during my evening or weekend stitch sessions, too.  

Where is your ideal stitching location? 

My primary spot for stitching is my couch (thank you, quarantine…). But my ideal location is definitely on the beach. Oh how I miss that.  

In addition to needlepoint I know you also love skincare. What do you consider the bread & butter AKA the silk and ivory of skincare?

I do love skincare! My holy grail is definitely Biologique Recherche. While I’ve always been interested in (trying) to take care of my skin, it wasn’t until I was introduced to BR and monthly BR facials that I became quite serious about it. For now, I’m maintaining my regiment at home without visits to my favorite facial spa, Aida Bicaj on the Upper East Side. My beginner recommendations are: Lait VIP 02 cleanser, P50 1970 toner, and Masque Vivant for masking! 

What is your dream canvas? 

That’s a difficult question! I would love to eventually partner with an artist on a custom commission. I’m not sure what my exact vision is just yet, though.

I would also love to find the perfect Westie (West Highland White Terrier) design. They’re my absolute favorite dog breed, and my family had one for many years. It would be a dream to stitch a beautiful little Westie! 

I know you are passionate about traditional sensibilities, how does NDLPT play into this passion? 

I think of needlepoint as an heirloom, and that’s very appealing to me. I love collecting antiques and hearing of family stories from the past. To me, needlepoint is something that combines many of my passions -- creativity, self-expression, tradition, and community. I hope that I’m creating pieces not only for myself, but items that can be passed down over time.  

Let's Get to the Point 

Threader or no threader? 

No threader 

13 Mesh or 18 Mesh? 

18 mesh...I love the detailed look it creates. 

Favorite Pouch to hold products? 

I have an entire top drawer within my chest of drawers dedicated to holding my needlepoint projects and supplies -- I rarely take a project outside of my apartment, but if I do, boat tote & a simple zip plastic bag all the way!  

Knot, Waste Knot, or tuck under? 

Waste Knot 

Fastidious about the back or not so much? 

It depends on the project! But I usually try to ensure the back is somewhat neat.   


Thank you, Amy for allowing us a glimpse into your needlepoint world! To follow Amy's needlepoint adventures stroll over to Needlepoint by Nan on Instagram. 

Oct 06, 2021

What do the initials NDLPT stand for?

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