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On Point- Jess Ziomek

On Point- Jess Ziomek

Please join me in welcoming the kind and coastal chic Jess Ziomek as Lycette's newest On Point Needlepointer! 

Jess and I connected over Instagram. I was immediately drawn to her soothing color palette, sense of humor, and beachy chic pictures. Imagine my delight when I realized that in addition to all of these fabulous things Jess is *also* a needlepointer! Jess not only needlepoints but she also just launched "Thrills of the Hunt," a vintage home decor website inspired by the excitement Jess feels when she scores a one of a kind estate, vintage, or antique piece. 

Read on to learn more about Jess's passion for needlepoint and immerse yourself in her sunny and chic outlook on life!

When did you first learn to NDLPT and who taught you how to NDLPT?   

I learned from my mom! She is a doyenne (and thankfully the most patient teacher) when it comes to anything handcrafted -- knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, you name it! I'm grateful that from a very young age, she instilled a love and appreciation for these crafts in me - especially needlepoint! After about a 15 year hiatus, I picked stitching back up a few years ago to help me unwind from the workday.

Who or what inspires you when it comes to NDLPT?  

I know "everything" is a boring answer, but it's true! I continually find inspiration in classic interiors, vintage finds, travel, magazines, books, Pinterest, and Instagram. Lately, I've been sourcing vintage or "trade only" fabric remnants on eBay as inspiration for selecting canvases and picking out fiber colors. This approach may be a tad backward, but I've found it helps me from second-guessing my color choices or finishes with canvases.

What does living with intention mean to you?  

1. You get what you give. 2. Reliability and punctuality are so important. 3. You must always be curious and look for magic. 4. When it's time to let go of things, always be graceful. 5. Be kind to everyone, including yourself. And when in doubt, always listen to the lyrics of "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" by Baz Luhrmann.

I absolutely adore your aesthetic, what words would you use to describe it? 

Traditional, with a heavy dose of island influence and touches of whimsy.

How do you apply those same words to NDLPT? 

I am a maximalist through and through. My favorite rooms are layered rooms, filled to the brim with charm (not to mention wicker, chintz, rattan, blue and white, and shells). Whether it's cheeky humor, happy colors, or nods to places of significance - needlepoint is one of my favorite ways to add personality to any space! And while my husband may disagree with me, when it comes to owning too many needlepoint pillows, pieces of art, or curiosities - the limit does not exist!

What project are you currently working on? What has been your favorite project to date? 

I just finished a Clementine Hunter canvas. I’m now simultaneously working on a Jimmy Buffett belt and a Delray Beach Ornament from Lycette :)

My husband and I were married at the Hillsboro Club in Florida and the lighthouse has a lot of significance to us and to our families. Last year I stitched a needlepoint of the Hillsboro Beach Lighthouse and framed it.

Netflix & Needlepoint or Audiobooks & Needlepoint? 

Netflix! I love a great crime show and thankfully needlepoint helps me disassociate so I can sleep at night! 

Where is your ideal stitching location? 

I’m always happiest by the water and my ideal needlepoint stitching location is no exception!

You, your husband, Charlotte and Theo (your precious cats) reside in the most charming home filled with touches of creativity, like the blue and white checkerboard floor y’all painted together, and rescued furniture from thrift stores. How does needlepoint play into the layered and storied home you have created?

Thank you! My husband, Charlotte, Theo, and I recently moved into a 1930's Cape Cod style home that I found by attending the estate sale for the prior owner. Ironically, the piece I purchased from the estate sale was a framed sea life needlepoint! It was kismet! We now have that piece on display in our house, and I like to look at it and picture her stitching it in our home, just as I do each night, years apart! I covet anything vintage - my most prized belongings are either family pieces or items that I've collected from antique stores. One of my favorite aspects of needlepoint is the idea that the canvases will live beyond the rooms they currently inhabit. I'm creating heirlooms that will be appreciated for years to come - whoever with or wherever they may end up.

What is your dream canvas?

This is a bit ambitious, but one day I'd love to stitch a Christmas tree skirt!

Your Instagram combines humor, chic style, and practicality with aplomb. How do you honor these values in your everyday life? AKA I would love to learn from and mirror you!

I'm blushing! Thank you! It's taken me a very long time to get to this point, and I by no means have mastered the art of not caring what other people think, but the older I get, the more I understand the value of fully embracing my differences - whether it's being a floral sofa enthusiast, a crazy cat lady, or coming to terms that I will never understand my peers' phenomenon with greige!

Let's Get to the Point 

Threader or no threader? 

No threader 

13 Mesh or 18 Mesh? 

I prefer 13 mesh, yet always seem to gravitate towards the 18 meshes. 

Favorite Pouch to hold products? 

I keep my projects in a straw tote!

Knot, Waste Knot, or tuck under? 

Tuck Under.

Fastidious about the back or not so much? 

This may be a needlepoint taboo, but I'm usually not too worried about the back!

Thank you, Jess for allowing us a glimpse into your needlepoint world! To follow Jess's needlepoint adventures and chic coastal lifestyle stroll over Instagram and be sure to follow Jess's new adventure, Thrills of the Hunt. 

Apr 17, 2023

I love reading your blog and seeing your ideas. You have such style and the look is so what I personally love. d

Beverly Ann Buckner Baker

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