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Letters from Lycette

Switching Colors on Canvases

Switching Colors on Canvases

I adore switching colors on canvases. A canvas could be painted in my favorite colors and I would probably still want to change the colors! 

My friends Coco and Miss B also adore changing colors on canvases. In fact, Miss B helped Coco choose colors for one of my favorite color swaps...ever!  

I fabulous is this panda? Absolutely BEYOND! If you have a canvas that you would like helping switch colors on Miss B is your girl. Either call the Newport store at 401-324-5429 or email 

Below are some canvases that I think would be fabulous as is or switched out... 

This Lady Derby brick is a fabulous candidate for a color swap and a monogram! I would stitch the canvas in oranges with a big purple classic Lady Derby monogram in the middle! 



This large canvas would be FABULOUS in turquoise links with a navy or light aqua background, beyond chic! I would upholster on a stool. 



I adore this Melissa Smrekar canvas. I stitched it to hang on our bathroom door for when Mr. Needlepoint and I have children. Mommy needs her bubble bath, please & thank you! I added stripes to the inside and stitched mine in blues, very classic.  




This canvas is perfect for a beginner and perfect for a color swap. I am currently stitching the eyeglass case of this design and am using my favorite teals with a bright purple monogram! 



I adore this Ramsay Gourd canvas! It is such a quick, fun stitch plus easy to swap colors on! 


I adore this Rudy the Prep frame! Not only is it 13 mesh, but it would also be fabulous in pinks, purples, or greens. I would personally stitch in Silk and Ivory's pink cow, begonia, and peony with a honeydew background. Beyond!


Tips for Switching Color 

When changing out color make sure to choose a color of a similar VALUE, so the original canvas is covered. For example switch out a bright orange with a bright pink. Do NOT try to cover a bright orange with a pale, light pink. 

That being said, also choose a stitch that will have full coverage AKA not let the canvas show underneath. Continental, basketweave, and diagonal mosaic are all fabulous for switching colors. 

HAVE FUN! This is the most important. Needlepoint is a hobby and should bring joy, peace, and happiness. 

I hope this was helpful! 



Nov 03, 2021

Great post! I loved the examples and all the information you shared. Freshening colors brings the modern needlepoint look we all love! Could be applied to vintage canvasses that are old looking in not a good way.

Kristen LeNeave

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