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Letters from Lycette

What I'm Loving...

What I'm Loving...

I have long neglected this blog. This summer was busy. I was tired. When I come home from work I just want to stitch. I consider still enjoying needlepoint a blessing, especially since needlepoint is my job. 

I have partially neglected this blog because I have this pre-conceived notion that every blog post has to be spectacular...which it doesn't. How unrealistic, and utterly boring, to expect perfection all the time. I'm ready for some fun. 

What I'm Loving... 

Espresso. I recently tried it plain in Paris and adored it. No sugar, no cream, just straight espresso. Two shots, s'il vous plait.   

The Lady Derby's marble canvas (shown above). I love needlepoint because the intended use of a canvas is not necessarily what you have to use it for. Instead of stitching The Lady Derby's tissue box canvas as a tissue box I decided to make the top a part of a lucite box and the bottom larger half a chic oversized clutch. 

Which, speaking of handbags...I noticed that most Parisians wear crossbody bags, or at least bags that have straps. Their handbags are also small, exuding the impression that French women don't need the junk that is currently swimming in my handbag. Don't believe me? Browse my new favorite Instagram account "Parisiens in Paris."  

 This facial exfoliator.   

A "pinch me" moment.  

I am currently in a needlepoint phase, but when I return to a reading phase this is on deck. 

Every fall I make these cookies. Every year people ask for the recipe.  

Aforementioned cookies are especially delicious with this tea.  

Mixing black and navy. Is this a no no for you? Personally I love breaking rules, plus Monica makes it look so chic.  


Molly Moorkamps new fall collection. A. Knock. Out.  

The Instagram account LostJCrew.  

This canvas. Plus it's on sale.  

These colored glass hurricanes are definitely on the wishlist.  

Love her or not Kris Jenner is a VIBE

Before I bid adieu... 

I'm Itching to Know 

Do you stitch one project at a time or work on a few? I have been trying to stitch one project at a time, but it has lead to a bit of *ennui* Any tips and tricks are appreciated! 

xo, Jessica



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