I have always been surrounded by needlepoint. My mother taught me to stitch, and her mother before her. My aunt even attended The Royal School of Needlework in London! Although needlepoint was omnipresent growing up, I did not begin stitching until I was around 12 or 13. I was hooked from the minute I picked up my first canvas.

I truly believe needlepoint is a joyful hobby as it not only produces calm through the repetitive motion of stitching, but also because it produces treasured heirlooms. Mama Lycette still has her great grandmothers needlepoint stool, and I still cherish my first project- a flamingo patterned belt that is “well loved” after many horseshows.

My passion for needlepoint lead me to a part time job in college at the iconic needlepoint shop “The Point of It All” in Washington DC. It was during my time there that I fell in love with the needlepoint community. I adored working with customers and learning the stories behind their canvases. A belt being stitched for a husband’s birthday, a birth announcement for a newly arrived baby, or a daughter learning to needlepoint in an effort to finish her recently passed mother’s canvas. Every canvas had a story, a purpose, a meaning behind every stitch.

After graduating from George Washington University with a major in marketing and a minor in fine arts, I managed the same needlepoint shop where I worked part time in college. I immersed myself in learning about the industry- the designers, fiber lines, finishing, and the heritage of the craft. I quickly spotted a gap in the industry. There was a desperate need for colorful, cheeky canvases that were grounded in classic elements of design and interior decoration. After five long winters in DC I packed my bags and moved back to Florida, only to quickly realize that there were too many distractions in my home state. I headed up north to my family’s home in Vermont, where I lived for over six months while I constructed the bones of Lycette and designed my first collection that launched in the spring of 2016. The first few years Lycette strictly sold wholesale. Multiple trade shows were attended and relationships were cultivated with shops around the country; however, I was yearning for more.

Two years after launching Lycette I signed the lease for our Palm Beach flagship store, a charming storefront on South County with a brick façade, an enchanting bay window, and oodles of natural light. Time has flown since Lycette opened its doors over three years ago. There has been a summer tour featuring pops ups on Nantucket, in Old Town Alexandria, on the Cape, and in NYC amongst other cities. There has been our annual trunk show with Ashley D, Banniere, India Amory and Molly Moorkamp, not to mention a weekend and class with our friend Rudy the Prep, and countless sip and stitches. Last year I spent my 30th birthday at the shop and welcomed my then fiancé, Mr. Needlepoint, to the Lycette team. I am proud to be a small family-owned needlepoint shop on an island I adore.

I hope that Lycette’s passion for needlepoint is tangible whether you are shopping online, over the phone, or in store. I hope that our iconic purple binding brings you joy and that our curated canvases inspires creativity. I hope that our atmosphere reminds you of lush winters in Palm Beach, the hydrangeas of New England summers, and the effortless elegance of equestrian style. I hope that my great grandmother’s name, Lycette, brings a smile to your face and that our exclusive line of colorful, cheeky canvases enchant you and spark imagination. Most of all I hope that we inspire you to needlepoint your own heirlooms that will be cherished for decades to come.

Happy Stitching!