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Ornaments, Signs & Eyeglass Cases

Most small pieces can be finished into ornaments, signs, or an eyeglass case. Whether you're interested in an ornament for your Christmas tree or as a year-round decoration, we offer one-sided or two-sided finishes, overstuffed, and most common, flat back with a slight puff. Small rectangular pieces make great eyeglass cases or hanging signs!

What Are My Options For Ornaments, Signs, & Eyeglass Case Finishing?

Our goal is always to make you exactly what you are looking for, whether that is clean & simple or embellished & complex.

  • One-Sided Ornament/Sign

    Our most popular ornament finish. This style is flat on the back with a small puff to the front. Your cording/loop will made custom from DMC.

  • Two-Sided Ornament/Sign

    This style is very popular for signs like open/closed, vacancy/no vacancy, etc. Each side has a small puff, just like the one-sided finish! Your cording/loop will be made custom from DMC.

  • Looped Corners Sign

    Extremely similar to a one-sided ornament finish. This style is flat on the back with a small puff to the front. Your cording will not make a full loop to hang, instead, two smaller loops are formed on the corners so that a ribbon or bow can be run through to hang.

  • Eyeglass Cases

    Eyeglass cases can be finished with one or two side of needlepoint. One-sided cases have a fabric back and lining while two-sided cases just have a fabric lining. Cording, closures, and tassels are an optional embellishment.

Estimated Lead Times

Ornaments, signs, & eyeglass cases are entirely hand-sewn, making them one of the longest lead times in needlepoint finishing. They are typically completed in 5-6 months.

2024 Finishing Deadline

To ensure each piece receives the love & attention it deserves, and to allow time to get your finishing up before the Holidays, the deadline for Holiday 2024 is May 20th, 2024.

FAQs For Sending In Finishing

Where Should I Send It?

Mail your piece(s) to either Lycette Designs location:

Lycette Palm Beach

230 S County Rd. Suite A, Palm Beach, FL 33480.

Lycette Newport

92 William St, Newport, RI 02840.

How Should I Package It?

Please send your finishing in a box or padded mailer - rolling or placing the canvas between two pieces of cardboard is preferred. We recommend securing your needlepoint in a plastic zip-loc type bag to prevent any potential water damage.

What Should I Include?

Be sure to include your best contact information in the package along with your first and last name. You can also let us know the best times to try to reach you!

You may also choose to include notes about the piece(s). Feel free to print out or reference photos, a napkin sketch, Instagram posts, etc.

If you have a very specific fabric, material, or trim you'd like it may be best to include it. We'll always return any unused materials with your completed piece.

What Happens After I've Sent It?

When your piece(s) arrives at Lycette we will contact you via your preferred method as soon as possible. Based on demand and store traffic this may take up to three days from the day you see your item's tracking update to Delivered.

When we contact you we will go over any notes that were provided, discuss finishing details, choose fabric/trims, etc. From there it is off to the finisher!

Finishing Questions?

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