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Letters from Lycette

Orchid Festival

Orchid Festival

Redland International Orchid Festival

Yesterday I had the fabulous opportunity to accompany a friend to the Redland International Orchid Festival in Homestead, FL. I am always hesitant to take time off work, but this adventure was beyond worth it! 

Not only did I learn more about orchids (a flower that I find fascinating but intimidating), but I also found inspiration. I believe that passion is contagious and yesterday was proof of that. Being around individuals who were loading their carts up with orchids, enthusiasts who had driven hours to attend, and vendors who flew up from South America sparked curiosity, a desire to learn, and thus JOY! Swept away in excitement I purchased books, beginner tree orchids, and jams and jellies from a vendor up from Brazil. 

Niche industries have always fascinated me (hello, needlepoint!) and the orchid industry was no exception. The vendors were passionate, kind, and welcoming to a beginner like myself. The advice they gave myself and others was "do your homework and follow a routine, but don't stress." It turns out orchids, like humans, are quite resilient and can survive most anything (other than over watering)! Like most things, I had built up orchids in my head as much more intimidating than they were!  

After a rainy afternoon at the Orchid festival we headed to a Florida institution, Robert is Here. The market was quiet and overflowing with exotic fruit like guanabana, longans, starfruit, mamey sapote, and, my favorite, passionfruit! Piles of fresh citrus dotted crates and bananas and plantains hung from the ceiling. The colors of the fruits and vegetables starkly stood out against the wood that has held up this institution since 1959. Of course I indulged in one of Robert is Heres' famous key lime smoothies!

Yesterday was a fabulous reminder that you do not need to travel far to seek inspiration, nor do you have to be on social media! Inspiration lies in our own communities, it just takes a prod from a friend or a little digging to discover. Although I love looking at beautiful pictures on Instagram or Pinterest, seeing these gorgeous orchids in real life was far more inspiring! A beautiful reminder to put my phone down and get out of the house. I hope these pictures bring you joy and maybe influence you to find your own adventure this weekend! 

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Oct 08, 2022

What a wonderful road trip! Love all of your gorgeous pictures!
Meredith Lewis

Meredith Lewis

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