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Letters from Lycette

Stuck in a Needlepoint Rut

Stuck in a Needlepoint Rut

One of the most frequently asked questions in the shop is, 

"I am stuck in a needlepoint rut. Lately I have no desire to stitch, is that okay?" 

The answer is, "Yes."

The truth is we all hit needlepoint ruts. As a shop owner I often find myself with no desire to needlepoint, especially after a long day of painting.  However, I have found that the following tips are the easiest ways to "jumpstart" my desire to needlepoint.  

1. Switch Colors or Threads

I gravitate towards the same colors for every project- Begonia, Periwinkle, and white. Oftentimes when I am "stuck" on a project it is because I do not like the colors. To reignite your love for needlepoint simply try a different and unexpected colorway or if you are dissatisfied with the colors you are using then switch to tried and true favorites.  

Another way to become "unstuck" is to switch your fibers. I have one project in my stash that I have been working on since freshman year...of high school, over 15 years. I am stuck because I don't like the thread I chose (a lot of silk ribbons). I recently switched some of the fiber and now I can't wait to finish it. If you are feeling uninspired with your current WIP (work in progress) it could be because you are using a fiber you don't enjoy. 

 2. Try a New Stitch 

Continental is classic and basketweave is quick and easy, but have you ever tried a new stitch? Learning a novel stitch can be intimidating, but *I swear* it is beyond easy. Especially if you stick to classics like Brick or Parisian (shown above), diagrams available in Stitches to Go.  

3. Unexpected Finishing Ideas 

More than half the projects I haven't finished stitching are because I just don't know how to finish them. Our sofas are already covered in pillows and a gal can only have so many eyeglass cases. 

Recently I had Lycette's "Wild" design finished as an acrylic tray. Seeing the finished project inspired me to get my tushie moving on other UFPs (unfinished projects).  

Other fun ideas for finishing? Purse, clutch, tray, framed, hanging sign, cachepot, shoes, and the list goes on! For inspiration simply browse our Instagram or pop into Lycette.  

4. Try a Different Project 

Do you normally stitch ornaments? Try a pillow! Do you normally stitch pillows? Why not try a belt? 

5. Don't Judge Yourself 

My favorite tip? If you don't feel like needlepointing, then don't needlepoint! There are plenty of other hobbies that are also fabulous and relaxing. When I'm not stitching you can find me at the beach, playing backgammon, cooking, going on walks, or browsing books for inspiration. When you feel like needlepointing again you will, believe me. 

I hope this was helpful! If y'all have suggestions for getting out of a needlepoint "rut" please leave me a comment. 

Happy Stitching!

May 06, 2021

Was in a rut for more than a year and then was re energized during early days of pandemic and stitched 20 in 2020. Cleaned out some oldies from my stash and yes purchased a bunch of new canvases!!! If anything this year the motivation is to finish some before the finishing cutoff at a lot of shops which is May 25. That will motivate you!

Amy Harden
May 06, 2021

I love your post. It’s true and it happens to all of us. I found listening to an audible book was a way to be motivated to finish a project. And I do that when I fly as well.

Shelli Moss
Mar 08, 2021

Perfect post, as usual! It was just what so many of us need after facing all of the current CV-19 concerns and rules out there. Thanks for putting it on your site. Without doubt, it put a big smile on my face!

Mar 03, 2021

I would like to ask for permission to use your January 22 blog in my EGA Chapter’s newsletter. I plan on paraphrasing it and will, of course, give credit to your blog. Please let me know if that would be okay with you.

Thanks, Deb

Debra Steaffens
Feb 23, 2021

Hi there-
Just discovered your site. Unfortunately, I live in CT so I cannot visit the shop for inspiration but would love to purchase a canvas. (I’ll actually be visiting my parents in Fort Myers, FL this March for my 50th and would love to have a project to delve into on my trip.) There are a few nice shops in my area but I’m looking for canvases with a little fun/cheeky factor- so your options definitely caught my eye.

I am a novice stitcher and have only completed two canvases thus far. First picked it up a few years ago while on vacation in Kennebunkport, ME when I passed by small shop and was delightfully surprised how relaxing a hobby it can be. Haven’t stitched in a while but I’d love to learn more about the clutches and trays (and how they are finished.)

Any ideas/suggestions are most welcome! Look forward to connecting and learning more.

New Canaan, CT

Kerri Hagan

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