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On Point- Emily Jackson

On Point- Emily Jackson

Please join me in welcoming the fabulously chic and elegant Emily Jackson as Lycette's newest On Point Needlepointer! 

Emily and I met almost four years ago. We connected through Instagram when Emily reached out wanting to learn more about Lycette. We eventually met in person for a coffee and needlepoint date where we bonded over our love for all things chic and cheeky. I know y'all will be just as enchanted by Emily's refined eye and classic sensibilities as I am. Read on to learn more about Emily's passion for needlepoint


When did you first learn to NDLPT and who taught you how to NDLPT?   

I first tried my hand at needlepoint when I was five, I still have the 101 Dalmatians-themed yarn canvas that started it all! Lycette Designs reinvigorated my passion for the craft several years later and my mom was there to give me a refresher of the stitching teachings she had passed down to me as a little girl.

Who or what inspires you when it comes to NDLPT?  

Early American needlework really strikes my fancy and fellow stitchers keeping the tradition alive while making their own mark on the craft are very inspirational.

What does living with intention mean to you?  

Seizing every moment to be grateful and gracious. I’m a work in progress (needlepoint pun intended).

I absolutely adore your aesthetic, what words would you use to describe it? 

Why thank you! Classic and feminine with a sprinkling of playfulness.   

How do you apply those same words to NDLPT? 

I gravitate toward canvases that are filled with motifs like florals or bows and I can’t resist a cheeky saying!

What project are you currently working on? What has been your favorite project to date? 

I’m currently stitching an asparagus bundle by the Silver Needle from Lycette Designs. My favorite, and most arduous, project to date has been a Christmas stocking for my daughter Louisa. It will be hung by the chimney with care this year! I seem to only choose large canvases so I toil over each one for months and months.

Netflix & Needlepoint or Audiobooks & Needlepoint? 

Netflix & Needlepoint! 

Where is your ideal stitching location? 

Pre-quarantine, I got my best work done on a plane. These days, it’s on the sofa, the porch or, for a quick stitch fix, in the preschool carpool line!

In addition to needlepoint I know you are passionate about classic interior design. How do you believe needlepoint plays into a more traditional design aesthetic?

The history of needlepoint is so rich and is part of the very fabric of traditional decorating. Stitched heirlooms can be found in nearly every well-appointed space from the past and it’s special to think that projects I’m working on will hopefully be passed down as well.

You are always posting the most scrumptious recipes. Post COVID, if you were to host a sip & stitch what would you serve? 

A very dry rosé, Roquefort puffs, Sea Island shrimp, prime rib crostini, and macarons!

Let's Get to the Point 

Threader or no threader? 

No threader 

13 Mesh or 18 Mesh? 

13 mesh  

Favorite Pouch to hold products? 

 A round, cotton jewelry pouch with plenty of little pockets for spare needles.

Knot, Waste Knot, or tuck under? 

A good old knot!

Fastidious about the back or not so much? 

Who cares, I've got my hands full with the front!

 A chic and fun tablescape for a very special birthday, photo via Emily's Instagram

Thank you, Emily for allowing us a glimpse into your needlepoint world! To follow Emily's needlepoint adventures and chic lifestyle stroll over Instagram

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